Our accounting and book-keeping services

Documents filing and indexing
Data entry into computerized accounting systems
Preparing full set of the financial statements for management, audit and tax purposes
Clearing the backlog issues
Management reporting – monthly, quarterly, yearly or ad-hoc basis

Type of records and books
For a company, there must keep records and books of accounts including, among others, a cash book, a sales ledger, a purchases ledger and a general ledger. For small businesses, a cash book may be kept, recording all bank account entries,
cash receipts and cash payments for the period.

The type of books that should be kept will depend on the nature and the size of the business. These books of accounts should be written up at regular intervals. To properly reflects the business transactions.

Accounting entries for business transactions

Appropriate entries for each transaction should be recorded as soon as possible. Supporting documents such as bills, invoices, bank statements, bank-in slips, cheque butts, receipts for payments, payroll records, copies of receipts issued, etc should be retained. Receipts issued should be serially numbered for easy tracking and recording purposes.

Documents in electronic form

If computers are used to record the transactions, original source documents such
as bills, invoices, receipts, etc should be retained in their original form. However, where the original documents are in electronic form, the documents can be retained in such form and the records should be kept in an electronically readable form and in such manner as to enable the records to be readily accessible and convertible into writing.